A message from Mike Cook,

ECHO Chief Officer

Dear Participants, Families and Carers,

As you will know the Government has said there will be a national lockdown again.

I would like to let you know that we plan that ECHO day opportunities will be open during the lockdown as social care work is allowed to continue. Many other organisations in the area have made the same decision to continue too. We have put a lot of rules in place


around social distancing, washing hands, cleaning and PPE which help to lower the risk of COVID spreading in an ECHO project and we will continue to do these.


As a participant, if you can wear a face a covering when at your project or when travelling to your activity, that would really help too.  Please also think about what you do outside of ECHO and stick to the rules regarding who you can see and social distancing.

Unfortunately most of our leisure and social activities  are going to have to stop, but we are developing some online activities, so watch this space!


The Government is updating the rules all the time and we will let you know if anything changes. If you decide that you don’t wish to attend during lockdown, please do let us know.


Please remember that if you are unwell, please don’t come into your ECHO activity. If you have any of the following you should get a COVID-19 test and let us know.

  • A high temperature

  • A new persistent cough

  • Loss or change to taste or sense of smell


If you have any concerns, queries or need help with anything, please do let us know either through the project staff or contact us on the office number 01568 620 307Best wishes





Mike Cook

Chief Officer,


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