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About Face Theatre Company is just one of a handful of professional UK theatre companies working with actors with learning disabilities. Established in 1995, About Face has a strong reputation for delivering high quality theatre to festivals,  theatres, community and other venues. Their schools projects have successfully integrated performances and workshops enabling follow-up work in the classroom and support for delivery of the national curriculum.

As important to their performances is the audience’s encounter with the actors, who highlight the part people with learning disabilities have in the UK’s fabric of diversity, the performances helping make them ‘visible’ to the wider community.It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability.


About Face offers four different experiences of theatre across the working week, all based at the Forbury Workshop, Leominster: the Performance CompanyDrama for AllTheatre Skills and Theatre Foundation.  Participants are placed according to their interests, abilities and availability. Those interested in public performance may have the opportunity to move into that group when there is a vacancy.

About Face Theatre Company is part of the ECHO charity and provides a wide range of opportunities for people with learning disabilities to grow in confidence through performance based skills and giving a platform to raise social consciousness about this marginalized and often excluded sector of society. 

ECHO is based in Herefordshire, providing opportunities to make a real difference to the lives of disabled people, supporting them to be valued members of their community.

(Reg. charity no: 1096449.  Company no: 4475254)

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