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Leominster Primary Schools,

Creation and creation stories workshop.

In partnership with the Leominster Cultural Consortium, About Face is launching a new initiative in local primary schools. This is in the form of a theatre performance and follow up workshop and would also introduce the young students to issues around about disability and diversity. The company also hopes to build new working relationships within our community.

About Face will perform their play Creation and the workshop looks at creation stories from around the world and also has an environmental message delivered in a creative and age-appropriate way.

As part of the Cultural Consortium, a further aim is to enrich the cultural experience in Leominster and the performance and workshop package comes fully funded by the Consortium.

About Face performances:
23rd January 2023: Stoke Prior School
24th January 2023: Leominster Primary School
:30th January 2023: Westfield School
31st January 2023Almeley Primary School
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