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Someone Else's Train

Someone Else’s Train is the new About Face issues based theatre piece designed for schools.


Following the interactive ‘forum theatre’ workshop/performance, here are some resources to enable further research and exploring of issues around hate crime.

Crimestoppers is an independent charity that gives people the power to speak up and stop crime – 100% anonymously.

Importantly, Crime Stoppers is not part of the police, but an independent charity, so people with information who do not want to deal directly with the police can give their information, safe in the knowledge that they will remain 100% anonymous – guaranteed.


Police Hate Crime leaflet explaining what Hate Crime is, specific examples of Hate Crime, how to report it and how the police will respond to your report

Some drama games and activities to help further explore the themes around Hate Crime and disability raised in the Someone Else's Train Workshop

Games Resources


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