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Seeds of Change
Arts Council England Bid 2021

Leominster Lion

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”

Jo Cox

Through consultation we learnt that after lockdown our actors and staff wanted to gain more skills and be reinvigorated through new learning. They wanted to develop their fitness, life and communication skills.

Through funding from the Arts Council we are undertaking a programme to rejuvenate and upskill the staff, actors and volunteers, enabling everyone to reach their full potential.   

We are embarking on new networking opportunities locally and nationally to promote the company and the work we do. About Face and Echo champion inclusion, everyone within the organisation contributes towards decisions and is consulted on the future delivery of services. 

Artists and creatives will teach us new skills. Movement experts will teach us different disciplines leading to a higher level of fitness and more physical theatre work. This will also give those experts valuable experience working with people with learning disabilities.

The staff will be given additional time to reflect on the new skills training and implement these ideas into their delivery to the actors during weekly sessions. They will have time to plan and develop their practice, to make new contacts. 

We will develop our role in the local community and widen engagement paving the way for us to perform in new venues and non-traditional places in the future.   

We will attend more live theatre and learn from these important experiences.


It isn’t just what we think that is important, we also look for creative ways to find out what our participants are getting out of the Arts Council England support.

The resounding answer is: They are loving it!

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